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Velona Cuddles

Velona Cuddles Diapers 2 Jumbo Packs Promo Bundle

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For New Parents

There’s nothing more important than keeping your baby safe & protected. We at Velona understand that and have made it our mission to produce a range of diapers that provide the highest quality and safest materials. We go to the ends of the earth to source materials that ensure that our precious little customers are wrapped in 100% baby safe components.

Chlorine Free

All Velona Cuddles Diapers are free of Chlorine, and we are the only diaper brand in Asia, that uses chlorine free raw materials.

Why is this important?

Almost all brands contain chlorine, a harsh chemical that can cause skin irritations and rashes. Research has also shown that if a person is exposed to it over long periods of time, chlorine can lead to cancer

Perfect for sensitive skin

Our Diaper is perfect for your newborn baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Magic Tape

Safely secures the waistband against the happy tugging of  those little fingers. You can ‘magically’ refasten it over and  over again without it losing it’s stickiness.

Super Absorbency
As your baby grows & passes more fluid, the super absorbent core efficiently locks away wetness.

Designed for our tropical weather
The breathable outer layer allows air to circulate around the baby’s bottom and keep it dry.

International Certifications

Our adherence to the highest health and safety standards have enabled us to receive certifications from the worlds premier authorities on global regulatory standards such the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA, British Retail Consortium (BRC), SGS, CE and ISO.


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